Wutan Wuxia

7/28 Letters to Mom


Dear Mom,

We made it back to Pan Handler’s Waste after about a weeks worth of travel. I’ve never been happier to have a comfy bed to sleep on! Ms Tiefling and Mr Gnome sold all of the supplies we gathered and managed to make a pretty decent profit. I got a few new items to power up my magic and now I’ll be able to help our group even more. After gathering some more information from Master Ironwave we decided that our next course of action should be to hunt Bulliwogs in hopes of finding Master Ironstorm. We took the cart North to Thundertree and were ambushed by some remnants of the Minotaur people we fought before. We took them out easily and I resuscitated one to try and get more information out of it. Unfortunately Ms Paladin was impatient and killed it. After a few more days we made it to Thundertree and found some decrypt buildings full of more zambos! We fought our way through a few of them and and ran into some small branch monsters. We took back an abandoned tavern that Ms Paladin wants to make into a base and decided to rest. We’ll move out soon and make our way through the rest of the buildings.





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