Wutan Wuxia


3rd Moon,
Day of the Salamander

Is silly to write these things down, but perhaps I need to now…

I cannot remember my mentors words of where a Paladin draws strength. His words of piety and religion, I am sad to say, are lost to me. I now draw from different source. Through enmity, my true hand joins my current one to smite my foes.

I do not feel joy or anger, but relief.

But then, there was a moment…

добыча. да, that is what they were at the time. Prey.


I watched myself as I abandoned tactic. Charging forward, diving through the hedge and tackled the frog-man to the ground. Then, in my greatest moment of weakness, it tried to bite me and I – I bit it back… I forgot how efficient crocodile-like muzzle is for killing. It was like soft cake, but more rubbery and *~———-

I can rise above this.

From weakness I learn. The dancer can be focused. Made deadly. Together we work like velociraptor. Efficient, quick, deceptive.

The elf’s encouragement changed a fatal bull rush into a dire situation. Now his skull shall protect mine or improve my shield, I have not decided. Of course this would not be possible back home. In homeland, Cow wear you. I wish homeland had more musicians like these.

All promises are fulfilled. I may have to travel back to Conyberry alone to investigate my lead.
I have heard this local expression, “Hell hath no fury like woman scorned.”
I like this saying.


COW WEAR YOU… I approve


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