Maglu Steppes


The Maglu Steppes is north of the empire of Kara Tor. It is a vast land ranging from temperate plains, vast deserts, craggy hills and near endless tundra. Various herds of deer, horses, goats, sheep and camels roam. So do the packs of wolves who hunt them and their goblin riders.

There are multitudes of different nomadic tribes wandering, hunting, trading and warring across these steppes. Because of this, the Maglu Steppes are a dangerous place if you don’t know how appease the nomads. Though if you do, there is plenty to be gained from the traders.

From this harsh land grew one of the biggest empires, the Bloodspears. After they united or conquered all of the steppes they expanded outward pillaging and destroying all nations that their wolf cavalry would take them too. Under the Bloodspears’ rule they also create one of the largest trades routs known as Traders Pass. Though since the fall of their empire it is sometimes known as Traitors Pass.

In this land the goblin-ken are the most numerous denizen of the area. This includes the halfling sized goblins, the human sized hobgoblin, and the bugbears who stand a good head over most. As always humans find a way to live with any culture and climate. They are called the Hobs in the Goblin tongue. Whatever tribe you go to they will be atop a mount, be it trained deer, horses, wolves, dire wolves or worgs.

Maglu Steppes

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