Kara Tor


The nation of Kara Tor is an ancient one. Forged out of an alliance of the Dragons and Primodials to free the land of the yoke of the Divines, it has built its self up over the centuries by the lead of it’s dragon emperors.

To the nation’s east and south east lies the Great Dragon Sea. Running from the north and north west, the Spine of the Earth Dragon Mountains separates Kara Tor from the Maglu Steppes to the north and the contested wastelands of the west. The south west turns into the rain forests of the Nation of Rajah Por and Nagastan. Running on nearly all boarders is the one hundred foot high Great Wall, which has added to the strength and isolationism of the nation.

The denizen of the land are the Shou, or people. Most humans in this land just go by Shou. The Dara Shou are the decedents of the dragon emperors. There are many Gen Shou in the land because of the alliance with the Primodials in ancient times. At some point during the nation’s history a dragon emperor created the Kobolds to server them. Since that time the Kobolds have grown to be more, sometimes prosperous and free individuals sometimes feral infestations of the wild or ghettos.

Because of the strong connection to the elements through the draconic or primodial bloodlines, Kara Tor has pioneered the use of the elements in philosophy, magic, architecture and armed and unarmed combat.

Kara Tor

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